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  • Employment highlights: June 2017

    Queen’s speech and Brexit. The Queen’s Speech on 19 June 2017 included the announcement of a new Immigration Bill to deal with the immigration status of EEA Nationals and the forthcoming repeal of EU freedom of movement law. A new Data Protection Bill was also announced to implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation and … Continue reading Employment highlights: June 2017

  • Employment highlights: July 2016

    With the legal world reeling and British politics in turmoil following last month’s surprise Brexit decision, it was business as usual in the courts and tribunals, with little respite from the deluge of new judgments in the run up to the summer recess. In the ECJ, Advocate General Sharpston opined that an employee’s dismissal for … Continue reading Employment highlights: July 2016

  • Employment highlights: June 2016

    For anyone who inexplicably missed it, this month’s big news is Brexit, following the UK’s vote by a narrow majority to leave the EU. Although nothing can be known yet about the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU, we have briefly set out some of the possible implications for employment law, including some thoughts … Continue reading Employment highlights: June 2016

  • Employment highlights: May 2016

    Three major Bills affecting employment law received Royal Assent this month, becoming the Trade Union Act 2016, the Enterprise Act 2016 and the Immigration Act 2016, the last of which creates new immigration offences from 12 July 2016. Compared to last year, the Queen’s speech contained little for employment lawyers, besides the recycled promise of a British Bill … Continue reading Employment highlights: May 2016